Our office was established in 1981 by Simone Kosremelli. All through these years, we have produced quality projects with character. We cater for people who are respectful of their traditions and environmentally concerned.

The architecture we design is pure geometrically, volumetrically complex internally and visually coherent externally. It is rooted in our traditions but is not based on the past. It uses vernacular elements in modern arrangements and thus permits the establishment of a richer architectural vocabulary.

In harmony with our architecture, we design interiors that are extremely simple but carefully detailed with always a hint from the past combined with very modern materials or attitudes.

As urban planners, our main concern is the respect of the social fabric and the physical continuum. In all our endeavors, we believe that we have to create a link between the past the present and the future. Our work should merge and not disturb the existing fabric and it should accommodate for the future.

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